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Discover Turin

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To discover Torino and its province means exploring the first capital of unified Italy, with its crown of Royal Residences, its elegant historical cafés, prestigious museums, palaces, churches, piazzas, art galleries and grand traditions like chocolate and the aperitif. 

Among the most interesting places of historical, artistic and cultural centers, is the city where are located most of the monuments and historical places: Via Roma (the most famous and popular city street, completely rebuilt during Fascism), Piazza San Carlo (one of the most luxurious and elegant squares, true living room of the city with its coffee bars), Piazza Castello, its beauty is enhanced by the sober grace of: the Royal Palace, this was the residence of the Savoy dynasty from the 17th century until the mid 1800s, Palazzo Madama, on the first floor you are in the "Senate hall", where the Kingdom of Italy was made – politically speaking. Since 1934, Palazzo Madama houses the Museum of Ancient Art.

The large Piazza Vittorio Veneto leads from via Po to the river; 360 meters long and 111 meters wide, the majority of which is a pedestrian zone, it is the heart of the city nightlife. 

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Definitely worth a visit is the Egyptian Museum, adjacent to Piazza Castello, the world second only to the Il Cairo Museum, home to one of the most important findings of the civilization of the ancient Egyptians.
At the foot of the Turin hill, you can admire the Monte dei Cappuccini, and last but not least, on the hill of Superga, the homonymous Basilica, that can also be reached thanks to the Sassi-Superga rack-railway.
But the true gem of the House of Savoy is the Royal Palace of Venaria, a residential and hunting palace that is both majestic and sober, it was built by Gaurino Guarini and Filippo Juvarra and is most definitely worth a visit.


A magical atmosphere , for art, history and culture.
Don't forget to visit the Royal Palace of Venaria!